Everything you need to attract & keep high-end, well-paying dream clients

Remove the back-end chaos, create a premium client experience, and finally run a copywriting business you don’t want to burn to the ground.

And do it all without working more than 30 hours a week, using social media, or running towards someone else's arbitrary defintion of "success".

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Everything you need to attract & keep high-end, well-paying dream clients 

Remove the back-end chaos, create a premium client experience, and finally run a copywriting business you don’t want to burn to the ground.

And do it all without working more than 30 hours a week, using social media, or running towards someone else’s arbitrary definition of “success”

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It's time to fall in love with your business again...

And party like it's 1999 2019

(because 2023 sucks balls)

Walk with me, dream with me:

 What if you could create a red carpet experience that leaves your clients raving and referrals pouring in long after they’re gone?
➡ What if you could sustainably work towards your financial goals and generate profitable revenue month after month? So that you're not just making money, you’re making a salary?
 ➡ What if you could consistently deliver custom work through a systemized method so that no matter what’s going on in your life OR your brain (hello ADHD, anxiety, depression, or just needing a damn break), you can show up & serve without missing a beat?
 ➡ What if you could work with the same amount of passion (and WAY less effort), confidently focusing all your creative energy on high-quality work for high-value clients at high-end prices…
Instead of sending follow-up emails, selling in the DMs, scheduling discovery calls, or trying to respond to that new inquiry, even though your kid is smearing peanut butter on your couch and dinner just caught fire?

...Yes. Even in 2023.

Maybe, like many copywriters & marketing pros, you're...

  1. Ready to bust outta the famine era in the feast or famine cycle. Despite having a thriving client calendar in the past, this year, you’re living in The Upside Down.
  2. Rocking a steady stream of clients, but they’re not the clients you’ve been dying to work with, and the projects are more chaotic than Eli’s Twitter takeover. Scope is creeping like an old dude at a bar, deadlines are a mere suggestion, and your boundaries might as well be a Jeremy Renner because they get plowed right over.
  3. Lucky enough to have a full roster of clients, but you can’t even stop to smell the Stripe notifications because if you don’t spend every second of every day working, everything will fall apart. Leaving your projects, your clients, and your serotonin in the gutter.
All businesses have ups and downs, but for us marketing freelancers, 2023 is different. 

And coming off of the post-pandemic online-business-boom burn-out combined with the shifting economy, anxiety is higher than Snoop Dogg in Amsterdam. 


"If I could just find some good clients with a decent budget, I'd be set."

^ seems logical, right? I mean, it sure as shit couldn't hurt.

Most growing copywriters, overwhelmed trying to get off the burned-out, underpaid plateau to the next level, assume that clients are *the* key to growth.

I mean…

More Marketing →  More clients → More Sales → More $$ → Fame, Fortune, and Unlimited Waffles


Checks out. 100% Legit. 
Because if you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business, right? 
Well, yeah…kinda. 

But that’s just a piece of it…
When you bring clients into a chaotic experience and a broken system, you lose your ability to charge a premium, and you lose your referral network, leaving you generating cold leads forever and ever amen.
But when too many clients come into a business that’s not ready to scale, no matter how put together, your business breaks…to the detriment of the client and your profit.
But if you have a perfectly streamlined, systemized business set up to scale with no clients…well, then you have no revenue.



To have a high-end business, you have to have:

✔️ A high-end offer
✔️ A high-end experience
✔️ A high-end client

But you can’t sell a high-end offer to a high-end client without that high-end experience, and you can’t deliver that high-end experience without a high-end client.

So you’re just stuck in the I-know-what-I’m-doing-and-still-can’t-get-someone-to-pay-me-what-I’m-worth trap.
It feels like…

In order to be an in-demand copywriter,
you have to *be* and in-demand copywriter.

What you need is a business strategy that allows you to upgrade your front-facing brand and your back-end processes so your high-ticket prices are a no-brainer from the minute the client meets you.

 "Before Brittany, my “copywriting business” (yes, in quotes. It was the Wish.com version) looked a lot like:

1. Find a client, by some miracle
2. Invoice client on Venmo
3. Write until I cried
4. cross my fingers the copy would convert
5. Send the client a Google doc link in an Instagram DM.

Brittany has shown me the behind the scenes secrets I always knew I was missing, but never knew how to find. Working with her has completely changed how I think about my business, from client acquisition, to project management, and even how much I charge for my work. Nobody else in the online teaching industry is showing you what Brittany has shown me."


"More" doesn't work when you're trying to get to the next level:

What got you to where you are worked up until now.
You’ve done everything right.
Back when you first snagged up your IG handle, registered your LLC, and declared yourself a freelancer… more work meant more results.
Living in FB groups, Insta-spamming, networking in countless Zoom rooms, and saying yes to every client with a face and a wallet…
That’s Business Building 101, baby.
But once you get past the “I’ll take any client for 500, Alex” stage and you’re ready to see sustainable growth:

More has a ceiling. 

Whether it’s time, credibility, or energy…once you hit the tipping point, the more you do, the more you lose.  
An entry-level business has an entry-level business strategy, and a high-end business has a high-end business strategy. 

The growth of your business from here on out will be directly related to the systems you set up

What is it costing you to not have high-end strategies in your business?
The truth is:
It’s almost impossible to scale without systems. Because no matter how focused, efficient, or productive you are (I have ADHD, so those things aren’t even possible for my brain), your time, energy, and output will always be finite.

[skeyl] verb.
: An overly-used, shiny word for increasing your capacity without increasing the amount of time or effort required of you

Aka, doing more work, more better, for more money, without more energy.
The systems in your business have two clear purposes: 
1) To enhance your client experience 
2) To increase your capacity

And when you do THAT, you’re able to raise your prices, deliver an unparalleled experience and product, establish true authority and expertise in your industry and finally focus on the 20% of work that gives you 80% of your work.

The 3 Premium Business Strategies

An upgraded business that brings in the right clients delivers a premium experience and functions on repeatable systems, so you get to spend your time on high-level creative work and not hundreds of small admin tasks.
Because when you’re pen & papering it, there’s no way you can lather, rinse, and repeat a high-touch experience for client after client...after client.
At the end of the day, working with high-end clients requires charging high-end prices... and the fastest path to premium pricing has very little to do with experience or case studies. It simply comes down to...

A HIGH-END BUSINESS STRATEGY requires you to focus on: 

  1. Establishing streamlined & repeatable SYSTEMS & PROCESSES

  2. Providing a premium CLIENT EXPERIENCE

  3. Upgrading your SALES & MARKETING

   Setting up that business does take some work...
but it doesn’t have to be pee-into-the-wind guesswork.


The only program that gives you exactly what you need to consistently attract, convert, and serve
high-end, high-paying clients

So you can go from an underpaid, over-worked freelancer to a well-paid in-demand copywriter whose name gets dropped in the inner circle group chat on repeat.

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One-on-one mentorship, concrete training, templates & resources, and a community of peers working shit out right alongside you

“I've been able to really up my value in the eyes of the clients…and to serve them at a higher level and to have a more premium client experience with them. So much so that they just keep coming back for more. I've been able to raise my value and my expertise in the eyes of the clients I already had. And I've consistently managed to sell higher and higher packages. My business now just operates on referrals and repeat business from my retainer clients. And that has honestly been a bit of a that's been the dream, really.

And all of that has come from everything I learned in the course of how to position myself as the expert, how to show up and give my clients a really incredible experience to keep them coming back for more, and how to set clear boundaries about who I am and what I'm not available for, and what my processes and my systems are.”


- Mel Kamalvand, Copy Chief & Copywriter


So how does it all work?

All 5-Figure Leap
Members get:

  •  A 1:1 deep-dive onboarding call with Brittany: This is my chance to get to know you, your business, and your goals where they are now so that we can start working together to uncover the most successful, profitable, and aligned path forward for you. We’ll get into the nooks and crannies, get the lay of the land, and plan some first steps that feel right for you.

  • Six 1:1 coaching calls with Brittany: Every month, you & I’ll have a 1:1 call to dive deep into any and all of your beautifully unique goals (even the ones you don’t have yet). We’ll work step-by-step towards your objectives in real time, finding creative solutions for your stickiest challenges.

  • Weekly Audits: Each week, you’ll have an opportunity to submit your work for a detailed business strategy & copy audit with ME and only me (no outsourced coaches here). Whether you’re working on a new offer, a new system, a pricing formula, or some web copy, you’ll never have to wait till our next call…or worse, fighting with the asshole in your own head.

  • Monthly Group Coaching: Once a month, your cohort will meet for a group coaching call centered around a business topic where we’ll bring our gray matter to the table and integrate and brainstorm as a diverse group of business owners. No hot seats here, just collaboration, innovation, and connection.

  • Cohort Facebook Group: You’ll have exclusive access to an intimate group of students at the same level in their copywriting business working through the same strategies and systems. These copywriters come from different industries, backgrounds, and levels of experience and bring new, innovative, and creative ways of approaching their business.

  • Quarterly Deep-Dive Workshops: In-depth workshops on some of the most relevant, challenging, or niche topics impacting your business.

  • Business Building Library: Custom guest workshops with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry sharing insider tips, tricks, and exclusive training you can’t find anywhere else.
  • The 5-Figure Leap Premium Business Training & Resources: You’ll have instant (and lifetime access to all future upgrades) to the Core Content and all of its resources. You’ll get the complete business strategy for a premium copywriting business that consistently delivers a high-end experience to high-end clients at high-end prices. 

    This is no cut-and-paste business model. You’re learning the strategies you need so that you can think critically, customize, and apply them to your own business, clients, and offers. You’ll have everything you need to get started now and to evolve throughout the years.

  • Tech Training Library: so you can set up the workflows and processes on the back-end without pulling your hair out or chatting customer support instead of joining in family movie night (but if you want to use this as an excuse to opt out of watching Frozen II again, we’ll never tell).
You’ll get every step, swipe, & strategy you need to create a streamlined premium business so you can consistently generate high-end leads & deliver a high-end client experience with unwavering confidence.

Can we sidebar for a minute?

This is an important one.

Taking proven, time-tested, and optimized parts of a successful business and plugging them into yours can save you years of effort and tens of thousands of dollars. Sometimes, a copy/paste solution is *the* thing you need to speed up or vastly improve one area of your business. And sometimes, it’s simply the thing that gets you started. A lot of us start on the same starting blocks, but the ones that break away are the ones that innovate. It’s the copywriters who find their flag to stick in the sand, their own little corner of weird, unique, or interesting that stand out in the market. And you usually don’t find that all on your own. The content and resources are here to give you solid plans to come back to again and again. But the 1:1 coaching and mentorship allow you to find the unique strategy that will take your business to dizzying heights you’ve never even dreamed of. (Or even just normal heights so you can veg on your couch 6 hours a day…you do you.)

"I was able to do so much. I created signature offers, my pricing guide, my proposal...which my clients continue to comment on!

even created my website copy and that continues to attract those really high-quality clients who want to work with me and that I really click with. Brittany’s “bat signal” training and sales call system alone are worth the entrance fee to The 5-Figure Leap.
Now, I easily navigate sales calls and don't even call them that because they don't feel like that, and the income I'm making as a copywriter ain't so bad either. I've been able to move into copywriting full-time, make consistent income each month, and even narrow down my offer suite to projects that I really, really love.
I've always known I can come to her with literally any question. And working with Brittany has only ever felt like working with a friend who just happened to have a little bit more experience and knowledge than me."

- BRITTANY HERZBERG, SEO & Case Study Copywriter

 "Brittany creates such a warm and welcoming environment that I felt confident to put my work forward. And her feedback has been incredible.

It's helped me to improve as a writer and putting myself out there has really helped me. During the program, Brittany encouraged me to apply for a TEDx talk, which I did last October, it's now on YouTube from February, without her encouragement, I might not have applied and I'm so pleased that I did.
I feel more confident about charging higher prices now, because I have a really clear system in place and really clear communication with my clients. It's just a really great program for elevating that client experience.
So thank you, Brittany. And if you are sitting on the fence over whether you should do it or not, I would say yes, I highly recommend it. And I have no regrets about joining the program at all.”

- Charlotte Davies, copywriter, Messaging Strategist, and TEDx Speaker


You'll learn how to:

✔️ Find consistent, high-paying clients without social media or hours of cold pitching

✔️ Establish the systems & processes that wow clients, streamline projects, and scale a profitable business without sacrificing quality of work or life. 

✔️ Prioritize and land the right visibility opportunities…and how to cross “create content” off your to-do list for good.
✔️ Create a streamlined and organized BUSINESS, even if you don’t have a focused, efficient, or productive brain. 
✔️ Position yourself as a top-tier expert with credibility, authority, and demand even without impressive case studies or big ROI claims.
✔️ Stop doing ALL THE THINGS all the time and start focusing on the areas of highest impact based on your specific goals.
✔️ Structure your offers and pricing to meet the need of your dream high-end clients without giving off “pick me” energy or sacrificing profit.
✔️ Build a business around your schedule, PTO, lifestyle, desired salary, and needs through intentional planning…not vibes and an arbitrary dream sold to you by the nearest thought leader (have we ever stopped to ask where they’re leading us exactly??)

Step 1: Your Premium Business Strategy

It's time for revamp. This ain't your grandma’s run-of-the-mill “Ideal Client” exercise. We’re ditching the cardboard cutouts and tired templates and embracing a strategy that attracts the connoisseurs, not the window shoppers.

You'll learn:

✔️ Decoding the upper echelon: A premium copywriter meticulously crafts experiences that don't just meet expectations but redefine them. The difference between mid-range service and high-end service means giving those top-tier clients the exact experience they expect when they pay that high price tag. 
✔️ How to dial into your dream client: Beyond cookie-cutter profiles, you’ll delve into the art of identifying clients who don’t just respect your boundaries but champion your creativity. This isn’t about working for someone, it’s partnering with your client as the expert who can help get them where they want to go.
✔️ Sculpting your signature offer suite: Your offer isn’t a hopeful shout into the void. It’s a carefully carved invitation, resonating with exactly the ones you want. Learn to craft offers that don’t just capture attention but captivate imagination, urging your clients to not just invest but to relish in the experience you provide.
✔️ Finding your message: Your offer, your brand, your clients all work together to create a unique message that takes you from just another copywriter who “writes words that convert” to an unstoppable, unmissable force in your industry (You can be an introverted, quiet, and weird unstoppable force, you just have to be you!).

Ready to transform 'business as usual' into a thriving, resonant, premium service hub? Here, we set the stage for a business that's as fulfilling as it is successful. Welcome to the elite.

You'll get:

 The Ultimate Client Research Framework
➡ Your Signature Offer Offer Strategy
➡ Offer Optimization Workbook (that you can use again and again and again)
 The Post-Project Client Survey Template so you can get real-time intel and optimize as you go

Step 2: The Automated Inquiry Funnel

Welcome to the realm of seamless automation.

It’s the art of attraction — minus the chase.

And the punchline? By the time you’re face-to-face on Zoom, they’re not just interested; they’re invested. They know your worth, they’re eager to pay your rates, and they view you not as a service provider but as a pivotal part of their success story.
The best part?? You don’t lift a finger. Your clients get 5-star service, streamlined communication, and a simplified booking process all while you send your BFF a thread of funny TikToks from underneath your weighted blanket.

You'll learn: 

✔️ Elevating the first impression to a lasting authority. Dive into the nuances of shaping a top-tier client experience from the get-go, positioning you not just as an option but as the definitive choice. It’s not about one-upping the competition; it's about creating a league of your own.
✔️ Mastering client communication. Go beyond emails. Here, you'll orchestrate a balance between manual and automated communications, crafting a deluxe service suite. Set the stage with clear boundaries, ensuring each project is a mutual collaboration with you at the helm.
✔️ Crafting a beacon, not just a website. Prepare for a transformation that turns your digital presence into a milkshake, and all the clients will be in the yard. And as the inquiries start to flood in, your Magazine of Services begins to sell and convert those signature offers long before the sales call starts.
✔️ Pre-Call magic: Automated elegance meets human Touch. Before a word is spoken, your clients will experience a seamless, automated concierge process designed to sell them on your before the first introduction. This is where technology meets finesse, and your brand's silent narrative begins.
✔️ Establish the rules of engagement. A successful project starts at the inquiry, and when you start with the right communication and guidelines, deadlines, edits, payments, and future projects all fall perfectly into place.
✔️ The tech conundrum: master or delegate. No matter how you get it done, you need your entire funnel to work in the background...so you don’t have to. I’ll show you every single step to using the software we recommend (and currently use in our business)*, but I’ll also give you the simple process to hire a tech genius for your software for maximum efficiency, even if you have a small budget.

You'll get:

➡ Website and inquiry form swipes and strategy
➡ Inquiry funnel email swipes and strategy
➡ Pricing Guide Worksheet & Template

Client Email Templates:

➡ Inquiry Auto Response Email
➡ The Post Sales Call Follow-Up Email
➡ The Proposal Delivery Email
➡ Proposal Follow-Up Email
➡ Contract & Invoice Delivery Email  


*There is no ONE tool or tech stack that we recommend, I’ll share what works for us and provide you with the resources you need to pick the tech and tools that work for you. You’re learning my strategy, and that is something you can use no matter what software you subscribe to.

Step 3: High-End Client Sales Systems 

Forget everything you thought you knew about sales calls. Erase the images of nerve-wracking pitches, the delicate dance around pricing, and the fear of sounding either too eager or too aloof. It’s time to embrace a revolutionary approach that feels like a breath of fresh air: The “Non-Sales Call.”

In this game-changing module, we'll flip the script on traditional sales tactics. You won’t just be having a conversation; you'll be igniting a transformation. This is where you ditch the high-pressure sell for authentic connection, where discussions about money feel like chatting about your favorite Netflix series — natural, engaging, and entirely stress-free.
And let's face it, the word 'proposal' often summons a vibe that's more 'tax audit' than 'exciting new investment.' It's time to ditch that stale and legally dubious Google Doc. 
Your proposals should be exhilarating, persuasive, and—dare I say it— *checks notes* a well-thought-out compelling document that conveys expertise, authority, and experience all while setting expectations, preventing scope creep, and communicating a quality of work that significantly increases value and price. 
Before unlocking this secret, I was right where you might be—watching potential big bucks slip through my fingers, one tepid proposal after another. Fast-forward to now, and I'm not just sending proposals; I'm serving irresistible invitations to success with figures that make your bank account do a happy dance.
Before, I was watching half my proposals—topping at $3K—meet with 'thanks, but no thanks.' Now, I'm juggling eager 'Yesses' to premium $15K-$20K invites, boasting a jaw-dropping 91.3% success rate.

You'll learn:

✔️ Crafting irresistible proposals: Dive deep into the psychology of persuasion to create proposals that don’t just compete; they dominate the industry. Grab their attention and never let it go.
✔️ Eight essential elements: It's time to arm yourself with the essential components that ensure your proposals aren't just read; they're unequivocally acted upon. Seal the deal with proven strategy, not hopeful guesses.
✔️ Efficiency that amplifies experience: Uncover the high-impact strategies that streamline your operations, heighten client interactions, and justify those top-tier rates. Forget working harder, make your business work smarter.
✔️ Defining scope: Gain crystal-clear understanding of what your clients genuinely want, solidifying project timelines, deliverables, and pricing with confidence. You can’t go on intuition alone, it’s time for strategic intelligence.
✔️ The email that ends all doubt: Learn to construct post-sales call communication so compelling clients won’t just nod in agreement, they’ll break their necks trying to get the proposal.
✔️ Commanding the conversation: Use the power of empathetic communication to transform sales calls. Make clients feel seen and understood, positioning yourself as the expert they need, not just another sales pitch they endure.
✔️ Bringing the vibes: Present yourself with the kind of organized, dynamic energy that sets you apart in a crowded industry. You never have to get ready if you stay ready.
✔️ Sealing the Deal with Speed: With this process, you’ll slash off 8-15 hours per client. Not just streamlining but guaranteeing your proposal makes it to the finish line. So that contract signature comes within hours, if not minutes, of sending the proposal, turning that “yes” into tangible financial success in record time.

You'll get: 

➡ The Psychology of Change Masterclass from Therapist & Change Coach Scott McBean (aka my baby daddy)
➡ The Sales Call Script 
➡ The questions you need to ask for sales success 
➡ Premium Proposal Themeplate (like a template, but less mad-lib, and more strategy) 
➡ Downloadable Swipe of my $25k Launch Package Proposal so you can see the strategy that converts premium clients in action. 

Step 4: The White-Glove Delivery System

Automated emails and a sexy proposal might get you in the door, but it’s everything that happens between counter-signing that contract and offboarding that establishes your credibility. And that credibility is the thing that keeps clients coming back and bringing their friends, which means a full roster with zero lead-gen effort.

You'll learn:

✔️ Elevating your service: Understand the nuanced difference between average and exceptional. You’ll learn how to curate those premium experiences that clients expect when they're shelling out the big bucks.
✔️ Blueprint for project perfection: Master the art of replicable success with intuitive, adaptable, and scalable strategies. Guarantee the unmatched quality of your signature services, hitting every deadline without sacrificing your personal time.
✔️ Effortless client work: Immerse yourself in the sophisticated protocols of high-caliber onboarding and offboarding. Manage each project with a deftness that feels almost choreographed. 
✔️ Tools for impeccable management: Command the ins and outs of advanced project management tools and CRMs. Show off an outer sheen of professionalism while keeping the intricate gears of client communication and task management running flawlessly in the background. 
✔️ Unlocking creative consistency: Identify a creative process uniquely yours yet consistently effective. Produce custom client work that doesn’t just meet standards but sets them, all through a tried-and-true methodology. You’re innovating with intent.
✔️ The lap of luxury: Construct an engagement so rich, so authentically reflective of your brand, it’s like enveloping your clients in a cocoon of premium comfort. Drive the creative process while ensuring each client’s journey with you is not just satisfactory but monumentally memorable. This goes beyond pampering, you’re providing a first-class ticket to unparalleled service quality.

You'll get:

➡ A deep-dive training into the exact process we use with clients so you can see the detailed planning, delegation, deadlines, and communication involved in large and small scale projects
➡ Your Signature Process Workbook so you have a systematic approach to breakdown down even the smallest of steps needed to deliver your best work without the chaos or stress
➡ Kick-Off Call training & script
➡ Client Welcome Kit Template & Training
➡ Client Onboarding & Offboarding Workflows 
➡ Client Project Plan Template to communicate all deadlines and important dates to clients
➡ Project Management Trello Board Template
➡ Client Offboarding One-Sheet Template
➡ How to Fire a Client Email Swipes

Step 5: Building Authority & Expertise

With a firm grasp on your brand, your message, and your offers. And a foundation for all of your you’ve systems, processes, workflows, and lead gen…

You are READY to start elevating your visibility in meaningful and impactful ways. (We don’t worship at the offer of vanity metrics and celebrity endorsements here. It’s quality over quantity, baby.).
The road to a well-known, reputable, household-name business is paved with visibility, authority, and expertise (maybe even before you feel “ready”).
Here, you’ll get everything you need to confidently start gaining visibility in the right places so that you become “That person who spoke at that thing that I just HAVE to work with.
The first 4 steps show you how to set up a sustainable and consistent premium copywriting business, and in step 5, we’re going to talk about how to MAINTAIN a sustainable and consistent premium copywriting business.

You'll learn:

✔️ Weekly CEO planning: Learn to plan out your week so that you leave space for your own growth, promotion, and marketing while still serving your clients with top-shelf service.
✔️ Visibility detective: Discern the platforms and publications that aren’t just visible but valuable. Position yourself not merely where eyes may land but where the right people put their trust, where decision-makers chill. Sure, exposure is great, but getting in front of the right people is crucial.
✔️ Refining your pitch: Hone your topics with a razor’s edge, crafting pitches that are unignorable. No spaghetti at the wall angles or regurgitated talking points, you’re going to talk about your POV in a way no one else can.

You'll get: 

➡ Your Customized Lead Gen Strategy
➡ Pitch Templates & Swipes so you can start building authority tomorrow
➡ The exact Pitch Process Trello board we use in my business to keep track of all of the pitches I’m writing, places I want to appear, and people I want to talk to
"Before I was making between 2 and 5 grand a month and it was very inconsistent. People were telling me I needed to do launch copywriting but it wasn’t my zone of genius. The biggest thing that changed for me in the process [with Brittany], was committing to the fact that editing was what I wanted to do and figuring out how to make it work. I wasn’t going to do it on a lower rate and I wasn’t going to add nights of work.

After 18 months my business made $100,000 in PROFIT, and $130k in gross revenue. It’s just me working from my home office from 9-3 while my kids are in school. No team. To be honest, I was shocked."

 - Gill Hill,
Brand Voice & Messaging and Copyediting

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"I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the processes part of this course so far! As someone who simply can't wrap my brain around processes and gets paralyzed by the thought of creating them, this has been EXACTLY what I needed to move forward with creating the business of my dreams. I am SO GRATEFUL."

- LIZ COOPER, Email Copywriter

"Before joining 5FL, I felt pretty good about my process for landing new clients and the experience I was creating for them. But once we dug into the nitty-gritty in 5FL, I realized just how many opportunities I was missing to truly create an excellent experience from the moment someone shows interest in my work!

Having Brittany's direct, candid feedback on every detail of my acquisition strategy was invaluable. I didn't feel like I had to go back to the drawing board every time, but just make tweaks here and there. Now I actually have an automated way to vet clients to ensure our values align before ever hopping on a call. And I have a crystal clear outline of my signature service, so I feel way more confident walking clients through my process.
Oh and aside from all that, I've landed 3 visibility opportunities with people I deeply respect and admire. Scary, because I've been challenged to step out of my comfort zone and be...visible! But thrilling and rewarding, because I'm stepping outside of my dang comfort zone!!

- MARCY LYNN, Retention Strategist

Those 5 Steps hold all of the training and plug n’ play strategy you need to set up the up-leveled business that consistently commands a high price tag and delivers a pro-level customer experience.

(and yes, you’ll have lifetime access to that training)

But you and I both know that big changes don’t happen in a bubble. Just having access to the information doesn’t always give you everything you need to put it in place in your unique business.

You need someone from outside the jar to look at the label because often, the thing we do best for our clients is the thing we do worst for ourselves.

And just who the hell am I??
Good Q.

I’m a launch strategist, conversion copywriter, and professional napper. I accidentally fell into the launch copywriting world 4 years ago. And in that time, I went from an anxious, stressed-out writer working for pennies (and cranky clients) to being a (still anxious) CEO of a multi 6-figure micro agency writing lucrative launches for cool kids like Rick Mulready, Brandi Mowles, Lattice Hudson, and Jordan Gill. 
I’m also a mom to the world’s sweetest tornado 5-year-old, a wife, The Office aficionado, and an overall anxious human (fueled by meds & therapy).
In the last 3 years, I’ve served over 35 clients, with an average contract of $15.5K and a 92% proposal acceptance rate.
When I started, I struggled with establishing any systems. I couldn’t even send an email without a three-day warm-up period, much less manage a project or hit a deadline to save my life. 
And it almost cost me my business.
Even though I could deliver good copy at the end of the day, I couldn’t actually run a business. 
After late-night panic attacks, seriously eyeing barista applications, and an eventual adult ADHD diagnosis, I made a last-ditch effort…
It was a brutal, pricey journey. I paid pros to fill my skill gaps. I fought with tech (and lost). I studied, tried, failed, tested, failed, tweaked, and failed…
And eventually, it started to work.
But I was still in a bubble. Pulling everything out of thin air, fumbling my way in the dark. Sometimes, I got it right, but mostly, I got it wrong.
And I teach this because I was the worst at it.
It took blood, therapy, and tears to learn these skills. Yes, skills. Not unicorn glitter talents. 
Teaching your natural instincts is like teaching someone how to be tall.
And honestly, the world’s full of folks flaunting their height and selling you growth. 
But learning gritty, brain-bending skills and turning them into sleek, mean, profit-churning systems from scratch…Now, that's the golden stuff I can teach. Because it's learned, earned, and teachable.

And that’s what I’ve packaged up for you inside The 5-Figure Leap.


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The biggest difference is my confidence in where my business is…I know straight away that I have the process in place to handle whether someone’s coming to me for a $ 1,000 project or a $10,000 project. The process is going to be the same. And everyone’s going to leave feeling like they had a really good process.”

"I want to be a part of programs that can help me go further faster…I needed someone who’s already done it to show me how they did it. I needed someone who was generous to say, ‘I’ll share all my secrets because there’s room for all of us."



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The biggest difference is my confidence in where my business is…I know straight away that I have the process in place to handle whether someone’s coming to me for a $ 1,000 project or a $10,000 project. The process is going to be the same. And everyone’s going to leave feeling like they had a really good process.”

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"I want to be a part of programs that can help me go further faster…I needed someone who’s already done it to show me how they did it. I needed someone who was generous to say, ‘I’ll share all my secrets because there’s room for all of us."

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So, is this program perfect for you? IDK, what do you think?

This IS for you if:

Does any of that ring a bell?

If you need the Icy Hot cause your neck is sore from all of that “I feel seen” nodding, then this might be just the thing you need.

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This is NOT for you if:

✔️ You think the path to “raise your prices” is a one-step checklist that reads as follows: 
     ✓Raise your prices

You think you can manifest high-ticket clients. My experience has been that people successfully “believing and achieving” also have a lot of resources, hard work, and typically a degree of privilege going on behind the scenes. (Side note: people of color, specifically Black people, have to work TWICE as hard to get the same work done...you can’t manifest that shit)

You’re not willing to learn new tools or (eventually) hire someone who can help you

The past few years have kicked your ass and you’re too burned out to get excited about and version of your business, even a good one. If that’s the case, just go rest, you really need it

You’re not a human being who holds inclusion 
and equity as a core value. We support Black, brown, queer, and historically marginalized people with our money, so if you’re not cool with your investment being spent that way, then lemme show you the door 👋
"With each module and support from the community, I started to build a road map to the bigger picture. I started to identify the golden nougats that would make my service ‘premium’.  
From here, I connected the dots, made some changes, and scraped my jaw from the floor when a cold lead (yet, perfectly ideal!) reached out to me… like, that had never happened before!
That was a BIG win for me.

Having a clear grasp on what constituted a  *successful* ‘kick off call’ and knowing how to flesh out a ‘magazine of services’ really gave me that professional edge I needed to stand out during this early phase -  ultimately, this led to the client accepting my proposal straight away. With scary perfect timing, my recently birthed ‘onboarding’ system also flew into action. Gaaaaaaaah!

I didn't just learn what I needed to have in place to succeed, but I discovered  the ‘whys’ and the ‘how's’, and then some. The resource materials, Q&A sessions, and video tutorials consistently provide unbelievable value for my business. I use them regularly to: guide, recap or to tune into Brittany's insight. I wouldn't be without them, tbh.
I now feel far more confident about partnering with the people I look up to and admire, and that's all thanks to Brit and her team!

- STACEY Wreathall,
Copywriter & Launch Strategist

"My business now has more focus and flow than it's ever had before, marketing is about 20 x easier, and by concentrating my work only on my high-ticket clients I've been able to balance making an income with dealing with the ongoing after-effects of a serious concussion that I sustained part-way through the course, which continues to affect the hours I can work. It's been a lifesaver to know that I have protected income from those clients that I know I can serve within these more limited hours.

The other reason I'd recommend the program without hesitation is that I've rarely learned from someone as absolutely transparent, ethically-rooted and willing to share absolutely everything they know as Brittany." 

- SOPhY DALE, Book Coach

"Brittany's 5-Figure Leap was one of the best investments I have made so far in my business.

When I joined Brittany McBean's 5-Figure Leap, I was hoping to get my rowdy, rebellious ducks into an organised row. I felt my weakness was my processes. And I thought I needed a more disciplined approach to running my business, so I could attract clients with bigger budgets and increase my income.
What Brittany helped me realise early on is that there's nothing wrong with my ducks – they're just independent thinkers!
Brittany has such an inclusive, accepting and flexible approach to her coaching. So, when she teaches about a specific topic, she's super clear that this is what works for her – you can adapt it to suit your business and how you work.

- Liz Green, Website & Email Copywriter

The 30-Day First-Class Guarantee

So what’s the catch??

Welp, there really isn’t one. Just like that mint condition Furby sitting in your attic, now going for a small fortune on eBay...this investment will pay off now AND later (big time).  
But I know that doesn’t mean that it feels risk-free. The core system that’ll bring in the next 6-figures for your business isn’t something you can implement in 30 seconds. It’ll take some strategy (which I’ll give you) and a little setup (which I’ll break down for you)...
But I am confident that, if you do the work laid out in this blueprint, you’ll take your business (and your clients) straight to first-class status. 
But, if after 30 days, you can prove that you’ve done the work, and don’t feel like you have the tools, confidence, and strategy you need to reach, generate, and land high-ticket clients, I’ll refund 100% of your investment.

Got some Q's? Ask away!

"I was talking to a potential client when I joined, and that was on November 16. So as soon as I enrolled, I watched her proposal training. And then I used the template she provides and all of the guidance that she offers to create a proposal for this client and sent it her way. By November 23, she had already paid her invoice. 

It was my biggest contract to date. It was just under $9,000, which for me was a huge leap from the smaller like $1,000 to $2,000 contracts that I had been closing before that proposal training. 

And I know that it's Brittany's proposal framework that helped me close that deal, because I asked the client, “Why did you choose me over some of the other copywriters that I know that she had been talking to?” And she said that she felt really safe and really seen because of the level of detail in the proposal that I sent her." 

- Cat O'Brien,
Launch Copywriter

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“Brittany creates such a warm and welcoming environment that I felt confident to put my work forward. And her feedback has been incredible. It's helped me to improve as a writer and putting myself out there has really helped me. During the program, Brittany encouraged me to apply for a TEDx talk, which I did last October, it's now on YouTube from February, without her encouragement, I might not have applied and I'm so pleased that I did. 

I feel more confident about charging higher prices now, because I have a really clear system in place and really clear communication with my clients. It's just a really great program for elevating that client experience.

So thank you, Brittany. And if you are sitting on the fence over whether you should do it or not, I would say yes, I highly recommend it. And I have no regrets about joining the program at all.”

- Charlotte Davies, Copywriter

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